Sunday, 27 May 2012

Unexpected Dicsoveries: Johann takes up position

With only a nod of assent, Johann moved quietly across the room to take up position at the opening in the wall opposite them.

As he passed the Elf, he nodded his head up at what looked like a lever by the doorway they had just come through,

"Best leave that alone with your current run of luck - might be some kind of mechanism to raise the alarm. This must have been some kind of sentry room before it was turned over. Maybe Kirsten has see its like elsewhere in her chequered past? Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for some rope eh...."

Turning to Werner, Johann added,

"I'm not convinced that anyone will be following us - as Harbull says someone has been here before us, possibly with the same goal. I'd expect the inhabitants of this slum to be busy with the intruders, or dead. What say you join me - Harbull can always keep a watch on the way we've come. It wouldn't take one of us long to respond if he raises the alarm?"

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  1. As Johann moves across the room he will be watchful for any traps in the debris.

    When he reaches the opposite wall he will keep watch through the opening there, ready to challenge anyone who might enter.


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