Sunday, 27 May 2012

Unexpected Discoveries: Kirsten's Critical Eye.

"It certainly explains why no one asnwered our knock." she agrees.

Kirsten keeps her voice low, but, aware that whispers tend to attract the ear more than low conversation, continues to speak in casual tones.

"I suspect this is little more than a lever to disarm the trap at the door. I doubt the local toughs would be willing toimpart the secret of safe entry to any casual guests. Or perhaps it serves to dump any unwanted guests into the pit if they fail to provide the correct password after knocking?"

She regards the lever carefully.

"Still, it could be a trigger for something else". She eyed the empty doorway warily. "I doubt it triggers anything further on, such as a Portcullis. Generally speaking, one builds defences to keep intruders out, not in. It would make little sense to leave a lever that could disarm or trigger something dangerous out in plan view. Before, an intruder comes to it, that is. Still, I'll inspect the stonework. To be safe."

While Malmir and Johann attend to their duties, Kirsten carefully inspects the walls and ceiling as best she can in the limited light, looking for any obvious gaps, lines or indentations that might represent more traps, alarms, or a sign that the lever might trigger something more insidious, such as a portculis.

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  1. Kirsten is carefully inspecting the walls and ceiling for anything suspicious or potentially dangerous. She's not paying much attention to the trash or to the floor, reasoning that if there were any traps triggered by moving across the floor, they'd have been triggered by whoever ransacked the place so thouroughly.


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