Sunday, 27 May 2012

Unexpected Discoveries: Werner the gatekeeper

Nodding at Johann's suggestion Werner moves over to the other doorway. Gingerly moving through the debris scattered about the room, and past both Malmir and Kirsten doing a careful search he eases into position on the opposite side from Johann.

One hand on a weapon he cocks his head to the side to try and hear listen for sounds coming down the corridor.


  1. Perhaps we should add some more tags for each scene? Then the chapters are broken down even more....

    Tag by number?
    OC_chapter 1_scene_4_unexpected_discoveries

    Or will we end up with too many labels?

  2. We have a limit of 200 labels per blog

    1. Yeah I think we'd end up with too many labels. I probably came up with too many in the first place but they should prove useful as we get further into this thing.


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