Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Into the Asylum: Bad for your Elf...

"Malmir, no - Wait..."

And with that Johann saw his newfound comrade vanish suddenly from view, literally swallowed up by the ground.

"Its a trap! Quick Werner, you and I best stand guard in the doorway - do you think you can jump the pit? I'll wager whoever set this snare will be round to inspect their catch. Kirsten can you see or hear any sign of Malmir - is he hurt?"

Eyeing up Harbull, Johann wondered if he was light enough to be lowered down to tend to Malmir...


  1. If the door actually opened when the trap was triggered and Werner is game Johann will jump the pit and stand guard in the doorway, peering into the gloom to see what he can see.

    He will encourage his comrades to see if Malmir is conscious and see if they can lower anyone willing enough to see about getting him out.

  2. If the door remained shut he will try to get a response from Malmir - is he in a pit or is there a way out? Again if anyone is willing he will offer to lower them down to investigate and attempt a rescue if it isn't too deep.


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