Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Malmir stepped up to the door, grabbed the handle to check if the door was locked and with a clunk and a cry of surprise disappeared from view.

Peering over the edge of the pit the elf has fallen into Kirsten is unable to make out the bottom in the gloom.


  1. I tested Intelligence but Malmir failed rolling 86. He took 2 wounds from his fall but i won't tell you the roll because then you would klnow how deep the pit was!
    Once he collects his thoughts he can tell that it was probably the action of turning the handle that sprung the trap.

    1. Once Malmir has pulled himself back together, can he stand and reach up with his hands to feel the edge of the surface?

      If so, can he pull himself up?

  2. No I'm afraid he can't. Even jumping is no help. You estimate it is a bout 12 feet.

  3. Can he call up at his companions? Will they hear his embarrassed cries for a rope to be dangled down so he can haul himself out?

  4. Certainly though you may want topost as such so they can:

    A) lower the rope if they have any.

    B) laugh at your expense.


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