Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Into the Asylum: Malmir grows tired of waiting

"How long are we going to stand here waiting for a response?" Malmir whispered irritably. "I say force the door, or at least check to see if its unlocked... How do we know that this is not some ruse or trick of the criminality of this squalid town?"

Without waiting for an answer, the elf arrogantly pushed passed his companions and took hold of the mould streaked door...


  1. OCC

    Malmir's patience with his uncultured human (and halfling companions) has finally broken but he will do nothing to directly endanger them. He will attempt to force the door with his strength, firstly with a little pressure (after checking that the door is not actually locked) and if this has no effect with a serious effort. He will attempt to encourage the other characters help him kick, punch or otherwise batter the door done if it is necessary.

  2. OCC cont...

    If the door remains shut fast, Malmir will fume and stalk to the back of the group where he will lurk long enough to calm down.

    If the door opens, he will remain at the threshold and consult his companions about their next step.


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