Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Into the Asylum: Johann makes ready...

Johann wrinkled his nose - this was worse than the night soil barges he had ended up piloting during a particularly lean patch of employment. Well, he thought philosophically, where there's muck, there's brass - 100 gold crown's worth to be exact and nothing was ever earnt without getting your hands dirty somehow.

Having listened to each of his companions in turn, Johann began to speak his mind, still wondering at the Halfling's capacity to feel hunger in so squalid a place.

Malmir seemed ready for action and once again was talking a lot of sense - this was Johann's kind of man... Elf.

"I think you're right to be prepared for the worst Malmir. Your plan is a good one and I think you would make a good pair of eyes for us in this gloom. I'd certainly feel safer in the knowledge that your bow follows closely after your gaze. Let us see what awaits us before charging in though"

Turning to Werner and Wanda, Johann added,

"However, I'd prefer to follow the conventions of this scumhole, such as they are, and knock - who knows what kind of reception we would receive breaking into the thieves' den, and this door is sure to be watched."

With a rueful smile he looked over to Kirsten,

"Quiet as you were in the presence of wealth, I think, young lady, we are in your hands here. As you say we have tonight's password. It must be genuine - Oldenhaller will want our safe return with the jewel, even if he does perhaps plan to do away with us. I agree with Kirsten - we knock, she talks."

Casting a critical eye over the outlandish looking party, Johann imparted a final thought,

"As Malmir has wisely pointed out, we should be ready for trouble - that trouble will probably find us soon enough. We're going to stand out like a sore thumb in there. Watch your backs..."

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