Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Into The Asylum: What Has Wanda Got Herself Into?

So, this was adventure.

Adventure, it seemed, was cold, dark and stank to high heaven. It seemed a million miles from Oldenhaller's dining table. She shook her head as she looked back to that point earlier in the day. She had convinced herself that adventure was absolutely for her. That was when adventure involved sitting at a mahogany table, eating roasted ox tongue and expecting one hundred pieces of gold for a paltry six hours of work.

Shivering outside this sinister old door, Wanda realised just how long six hours could be. How long six hours was going to be.

And now, the others were preparing weapons. Weapons, for Sigmar's sake! She fiddled with the hilt of her dagger - how small and useless it seemed. The only blood it had ever drawn was hers, and then that was purely an accident in spell preparation.

Also, she now understood a fundamental requirement of adventurers: preparation. What had they achieved over their splendid lunch earlier in the day? Some small talk, a little inconsequential chatter? She told them she was a wizard's apprentice. She'd tried to charm the elf into revealing a spell or two, and he'd carefully charmed his way out. She learned the halfling was a herbalist. Johann used to have a boat. Kirsten was also a resident of Delbertz. How was any of that, frankly - shit - going to make a difference now? Now that there were weapons involved? No - adventurers prepare, Wanda came to realise - we squandered that opportunity, and tonight, we might pay. 

Still, better late than never, one supposed. Malmir assessed the party's strengths. It appeared that the others all knew how to fight - even Kirsten. Come to think of it, what did she have to offer? It appeared that none of them could read, so she could contribute right here, right now, but once the door was open? Then what? Besides, Kirsten had already proposed to knock, without even reading the sign.

Wanda was dragged into cold reality by Malmir's sudden challenge: "Any tricks to aid us in there? Can you turn men to stone or cast flaming fire balls?" He pointed at her bag of components.

Wanda gulped, her mouth opening and shutting, but no sound issued forth. Eventually: "Er..."

Malmir didn't wait for an answer. He turned to consider the door again.

Wanda cursed herself inside. Pull yourself together, you dopey mare! Maybe you can't do much, but do what you can!

"It says 'Observe the laws of Asylum. Knock and wait.'"

Well done, Wanda. That was worth one hundred crowns... 

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