Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Into the Asylum: Malmir suggests a plan.

Malmir eyed the throwing knives with interest. At least here was an individual amongst them who looked like they could handle themselves in a fight, he relaxed slightly and turned to the others.

"So what other skills do we have apart from the ability to sound like an inbred local? Can we pick the lock and enter covertly or is that too risky? After all, we don't know who, or what, is behind that door!"

The elf slipped his bow stave from its clasp before drawing the string from a hidden pocket from within his clothing. He balanced the pale wood on the cobbled floor and wound the string around the horn tip.

"We seem well armed enough for an assault, if we agree on such a tactic, and I can supply a ranged attack with this. However, I am more skilled with the sword. But I am willing to use either dependent on our shared abilities. You three, " the elf indicated Johann, Kirsten and Werner, "look like you can handle those blades face to face with an enemy, you could easily take the lead if an assault is agreed on. "The elf turned to Wanda, he indicated her leather bag. "Any tricks to aid us in there? Can you turn men to stone or cast flaming fire balls?"

Without waiting for anyone to answer, Malmir turned back to face the door. Its wooden panels stood defiantly before him.

"I suppose the first thing we must decide on is whether or not this door is actually locked!" He said.

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