Friday, 25 May 2012

Into the Asylum: Johann makes way

"Very well little Lady, on you go. I'm sure we'll be all safer with your expertise out front. Keep an eye on that Elf though - be a shame to lose him again."

Johann glanced after the receding figure of Malmir as the dark swallowed him up.

"Don't know what we're to do about a light though - aren't you Halflings supposed to be able to see in the dark too - you eat enough carrots, among other things. Or can our apprentice sorceress conjure up any illumination."

Looking up at the hulking figure of Werner, Johann added,

"If you want to go next, be my guest. Keep Kirsten safe, she's our best bet at navigating our way out of this warren.  I'd best bring up the rear - in case we're surprised from behind. Harbull can you be my eyes?"

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