Friday, 25 May 2012

Into the Asylum: Kirsten Agrees with Warner

"Well, the old tales do tell us that Elves are a bloodthirsty lot," she concerned, regarding the elf's fading back with a concerned look. "Better he eats the local thugs than us though, no?"

Still, she was concerned by the elf taking it upon himself to adopt an aggressive approach. Especially when talking had a tendency to less painful for all concerned. The creature was headstrong and foolhardy, not given to paying heed to the desires of others. Kirsten had no intentions of dying in a brawl simply because the monster's blood was up - yet Johann seemed just as keen to put his own body in harm's way.

"I'll go second, after light foot there," she nodded down the corridor. Which of course meant she'd have to squeeze past Johann. She'd rather not mind, she didn't want to be too close to the front if fighting broke out. But perhaps she could prevent Malmir from triggering any more traps -or starting a fight they couldn't handle. "Of course, unlike Malmir, I can't see in the dark. So if one of you good people had the foresight to bring along torches or lamps, please be good enough to provide us with some illumination."

She regarded the others, "Wanda, if you'll pardon my observation, I don't believe you've ever had much experience of brawling, much less blade-work." Even less than me in fact, she thought, looking the other woman up and down with a considering expression, "Perhaps you'd best stay in the middle? With the light?"

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  1. Once someone provides light, Kirsten will hurry forward to catch up with Malmir. If Johann allows her past, she will take up position a few yeards behind Malmir but just ahead of Johann. If Johann protests, she'll instead keep pace with him, standing side by side if possible.

    She will be keeping a very wary eye on the walls and flagstones ahead as they travel, looking for any more traps.


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