Friday, 25 May 2012

Into The Asylum: A gentleman and his coat

Werner watches in slack jawed surprise as Malmir preps his bow like he's hunting on a lord's land and slips into the dark corridor. Maybe elves can't be killed by mortal weapons? he thought for a moment but knew it must be untrue, the elf had bled from that fall.

Rubbing his cheek from where he had taken an elf foot to the face during the extraction in the pit he quietly remarks to the remaining members "That Malmir fella seems pretty intent on getting himself hurt. I don't much mind if he learns a lesson, but I'll be pretty irked if he gets one of us hurt too".

Hopping across the pit, he turns to help the remaining party across safely. "Perhaps he doesn't speak our talk very well," he adds charitably, "and didn't understand we want to trick people before we fight them."

Once all are safely across Werner will cautiously move down the corridor with the others, making as little sounds as possible and listening for noise.

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  1. OOC: Werner will go 3rd unless someone else want to go in front of him (perhaps Kirsten or Harbull want to scout ahead more silently?)


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