Friday, 25 May 2012

Into the Asylum: Running Silent, Running Deep...


Following Malmir deeper underground, Johann was glad to be on the move again. He would have to readjust his mindset to the devious ways of this rat's nest. Now the only way was onwards there was some kind of certainty to hold on to. That and the prospect of bumping into those who would challenge their presence here.

Having ferried Malmir across the river and into this mess in the first place, Johann vowed not to let the Elf out of his sight again. They had had a shaky start admittedly, but now they were on their way. Kirsten and Harbull had already shown how useful their skills were and surely the others would have their moment in time.

When will yours be, the old ranger wondered to himself, sidestepping a particularly fetid growth on the earthen floor. Resting a hand on the pommel of his trusty blade, Johann shadowed the watchful Elf as they warily descended into the murk.

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  1. Johann will follow Malmir closely down the corridor keeping his eyes peeled for any signs of danger. He will be ready to use his quick reflexes to come to Malmir's aid should the Elf blunder into anymore unpleasant encounters.


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