Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Asylum: Into the Darkness!

"Well, " Malmir enquired impatiently, "is that door locked or not? Can the damn thing be opened for I am sick to death of standing here in this squalid place?

The elf stamped his feet in sheer frustration. Gingerly, Malmir ran his fingers across his head wound before checking his digits for fresh blood. Finding none, he lowered his hand to the pommel of his sword.

To the others, the unconscious movement was an obvious sign that this elf was determined to readdress the balance with the natives of the Asylum. They had a debt to pay and no door, trapped or not, was going to hinder with his need to see that debt paid in blood.

Kirsten completed her analysis. Such a basic solution! The elf felt his checks redden at its simplicity and for the first time he was glad of the half light. As one, the companions stared down the earthen passageway. The walls were of rough, poorly packed earth and dirty puddles gathered at their footings. Greasy mosses smeared the uneven walls like some awful disease. Fluidly, the elf re-strung his bow and tested its suppleness. Selecting an arrow from his quiver, he readied the flight and half-flexed the weapon before manipulating the bow to lie horizontally across his body. Such a position was useful inside buildings as it prevented the horn tips of the weapon catching unseen obstructions. He took a careful step forwards into the gloom, his progress protected by shining elven arrow tip and narrowed his eyes. He knew from experience that his eyesight was superior to that of a human...

He hoped that this slight advantage would be of aid to them.


  1. OCC

    Malmir will advance using his night vision and excellent sight skills (if they are appropriate underground that is) slowly. After his experience with the trap he will be wary, but he is far too impetuous to just stand around talking.

    He will not wait to shoot either. If he spies anything that he would consider to be a threat he will release an arrow and retreat to the most favourable position. If retreat is not possible he will use his sword (if he hasn't the time, he would use his bow as an improvised weapon (if this would be the case for elves who use bows culturally, I am sure they would have some skill at using the stave as a weapon in its own right.

    He will advance as far as he can but will not want to loose sight of his companions. He will stop at once if he discovers anything of note.

  2. I added another Russ Nicholson image of a passageway. I know it has a torch but it was the best that I could find. I suppose we could just imagine that the torch is not there if the characters don't find one later on! GM, remove this image if you're not happy with it!


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