Thursday, 24 May 2012

Progress is made...

After some consideration and no few observations Kirsten places her hand upon the door. Then after convincing herself no further trap lay in wait upon the handle tried turning it. Once more a clunk was heard but with the trap already sprung no further mischief was activated. The door stood. As is natural when faced with a door knob that will not work Kirsten tried over turning it to no success and then by way of trying all possibilities she turned it widdershins to a smart and audible click. Kirsten laughed, such a simple trap, elegant even. Those who had the secret would find this door as safe as any other, those without were doomed by convention to the plight of the elf. Giving their wooden nemesis the lightest of taps Kirsten allowed the door to open in.

The corridor beyond the door looked much the same as the one before it, bare earth held up by timber supports. It disappeared into darkness…

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