Thursday, 24 May 2012

Kirsten Shows her Skills

At the elf's invitation, she stepped forward towards the door, careful to avoid the looming pit, and examined it closely. She ran her gloved fingers around the edge of the door, where it met the frame, as though searching for hidden hinges that might reveal that the door swivelled on it's centre or opened outward instead of in. She looked for any abnormalities in the wood and the stonework around it that might suggest the presence of further traps or snares, all the while entirely unaware that, in her concentration, she allowed her mouth to open slightly, the slightest tip of her tongue showing pink where she clenched it lightly between her right incisors.

The proximity of the elf as they had leaned into the door a few moments before, his face only inches for hers, left Kirsten feeling distinctly uncomfortable. Yet, as in as much as she was afraid of this monster and what it might be capable of, she met his gaze levelly, looking into his eyes until it seemed natural to break away. Year's of dealing with common thugs and feral dogs had taught her the folly in openly showing her fear in the presence of strangers. Nonetheless, she had let out a slight tremble when she and the elf separated a few moments before.

After searching the lock, she bent lower, straddling the pit now, peering into the mechanism, looking for any keyhole and peering into one if present, as though trying to ascertain if the door is locked or not. Periodically, she places her ear against the door once again.

Once satisfied and prepared to make her attempt at safely opening the door she turns, still straddling the bit as best she can, to address Josef and Werner.

"Grab my belt please, Mein Herrs. Be prepared to pull me away quickly if you need too." Then her eyes narrowed mischievously, "and keep your mitts to to yourselves, unless you wish to wake in the morning with half your hair -or your moustache- shaved off."

Actually, that was a fine idea. She might just do that anyway.


  1. Kirsten will be paying especial attention to her tingly spider sense while she inspects the door rather throughly, taking as much time as she needs.

    If she satisifes herself that there are no more traps AND determines the correct process to open the door (or believes she has), she will do so. If she finds any hidden latches or handles she will use those instead.

    If she satisfies herself that there are no more traps but cannot determine if there are any alternate means of openeing the door, she will gently take hold of the handle and jiggle it about, up, down, side to side, back and forth, until she can determine if she is enagaging any mechanism. While doing this, she shall continue to straddle the existing pit and keep her ear pressed to the door in an attempt to listen for any movement in the doors workings or for any further activity on the otherside of the door.


    1. Oh, and if she does detect that her jiggling about is somehow moving mechanisms inside the door (such as a lock) she'll ask Werner and Josef to grab her belt in case they need to pull her away from that door, fast!

    2. As far as sixth sense goes I will never fail to tell you if you feel uneasy about anything. However its not a skill you can actively deploy.

      That is to say when you feel uneasy then you know there is a problem. When you don't feel uneasy it doesn't mean there isn't a problem....


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