Thursday, 24 May 2012

Into The Asylum: Wanda Becomes an Adventuress!

A peal of high pitch laughter echoed through the small space. Horrified, Wanda realised too late that the awful sound had escaped from her own mouth. She clapped her hand to her mouth.

Some people wept in shocking situations. Others stamped their feet. Unfortunately, for this now socially awkward situation, Wanda laughed.

If looks could kill, Kirsten would have slain her and six generations of her family to come.

But, in that moment, Wanda came to another realisation - another 'top-tip' for the new adventurer. No one was infallible. The way Heironymus had gone on about the elves, she fully expected Malmir to float to the top, see straight through the walls and shoot fireballs from his mouth at those that had entrapped him.

Of course, that didn't happen. With no small measure of self-satisfaction, she realised that he was just as impatient, headstrong and foolish as any other. Just like the rest of us. The truth was, he was never going to reveal any new magic to Wanda, because he probably didn't know any.

Another realisation that struck her was this: she could have run away. At that time, all she needed to do was turn around and walk away. In an hours time, she could be in a nice warm bed, looking forward to a hot bath and a decent breakfast in the morning.

But, that little feeling of self-satisfaction - of 'I'm not the only one ill-prepared for this situation' - provided the wherewithal she needed to push through. Standing there, she considered the situation and addressed the group.

"Right. I'm not in the business of laying traps, but if I was, and I decided to provide just such a trap as this, I would most likely have some sort of alarm. Given that we have now violated the law described on the poster, I would also assume that those responding to the alarm where on their way to issue judgement against us. One of the best ways to do that would be to approach us from behind and trap us in the vulnerable position we are.

"To that end, Werner, I wonder if you'd be a dear and position yourself behind us, in order to keep an eye on our exit and those who might seek to block it?

"Also, I agree with Werner's suggestion - Kirsten, would you be so kind as to position yourself to our fore, in the hopes that you might explain exactly what it is we're busy doing here?

"Finally, as regards the elf, might I suggest that before we put anyone else in the hole, we focus on getting Malmir out."

Wanda moved toward the pit. "Malmir, dear," she cooed sweetly, "Do us a favour and unstring that bow of yours. Once done, hold the bow up above your head. If Johann here can see it, he might be able to haul you up with it? Failing that, we can then consider disrobing in order to save you. Also, young Mr. Harbull has a point. For all we know, there is already a coil of rope, or a ladder in there?"

There, Wanda thought. All done. Oh dear - there's a bit of dirt in my nail. I'd better get that. 


  1. OOC - Tell us a bit more about this pit? How wide is it? Could we jump across it easily? Size wise, where does it sit between manhole cover and olympic size swimming pool?

    As regards Wanda's positioning, she has moved to the edge of the pit, but she is still 'behind' Kirsten and Johann, if that's possible.

    1. A narrow pit as wide as the door in both directions.


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