Thursday, 24 May 2012

To extract an elf.

“Girls! Always talking too much and not doing.”, Werner removed his pack, cloak and hatchet from his belt and lowered himself into the hole until he was fully stretched before dropping the remaining distance with no ill effect.  In the narrow confines of the damp, dark hole it wasn’t easy to get Malmir up onto his shoulders, muddy boots were placed in  a vulnerable groin and an open mouth but after a sort period Johann was able to reach down and pull the elf out of the hole.

Bracing himself against the side of the pit Werner climbed back out in no time at all. Malmir was already kneeling next to Harbull so that the diminutive healer could spread a salve on the elf’s head.

The elf was out of the hole but still the door stood shut.

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  1. Decided a narrow pit was a simple climb for Werner so good modifiers for dex. Easily passed climbing in and out.

    Assumed Harbull would use heal skill and he rolled well, if not let me know and I'll alter the text. Malmir is now on full wounds again.


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