Sunday, 20 May 2012

A New Life Beckons: In Which Wanda Supports the Elf

Wanda could feel the natural confidence of Malmir. The others, earlier so full of street bravado, had become withdrawn and what she suspected was downright nervous in the presence of the councillor and his opulence.

The elf, however, had not. Although she had fully intended to speak on behalf of the party to broker the deal, the elf had simply stepped forth and got to the nub of the matter. He pressed home the question everyone was interested in: how much?

She was still further shocked by her own reaction - had any of the others done such a thing, she would have been furious, but he seemed so comfortable and natural that she hadn't batted an eyelid at his direct approach. Perhaps this was a magical effect of the creature? Some form of enchantment, perhaps? In either case, she appreciated the direct approach herself, and it was nice to meet someone cut from the same cloth.

Still, etiquette was etiquette, and she had no idea how well Oldenhaller received elves, especially if he considered them belligerent.

"Herr Oldenhaller. Please, forgive my companion - he has a mind for business - your business - and simply wishes to get on with what it is he and his fellows do: in this case, find your stone and its mischievous handlers. I'm sure the question is astonishingly beautiful in his native elf, but I confess I had no idea the translation could be..." she glanced sideways at Malmir, "so blunt."

[OOC - I have no idea if Wanda knows anything about the asylum? I'm assuming its not a good place to be found after dark? If that is so, and Wanda knows this, then she will add the following:]

"The question stands, however, especially as the Asylum is an exceptionally dangerous place to be found at night."

[OOC - otherwise, she will add this:]

"But, seeing as the question has now been tabled, shall we start there?"

[OOC - in either case, she will invite an answer from Oldenhaller before continuing. I presume the others will also have questions, but should the following question not come up in any other form, she will also ask specifically about the rumoured magical effects of the stone. She is a wannabe wizard, after all:]

"Herr Oldenhaller, if I may, I'd like to ask about the rumoured superstitions of the stone? I appreciate they contain no merit for you, but Herr Blitzen would be most disappointed in his young apprentice if she didn't ask. 'Forewarned is forearmed', as he says so often."

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  1. OOC - @Orlygg - the sideways glance is intended more as a jovial 'spar' than a direct rebuke. I had no time to consider how I might explain that in narrative terms (new dad, no time),

    OOC - @Anyone - I'm happy for anyone else to fit Wanda's last question (about the stone) into their narrative, if it makes sense.

    OOC - @All - finally, Wanda has no especial skill in etiquette or brokering skills - the prose above doesn't represent the use of any skill - its all made up stuff.


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