Monday, 21 May 2012

A new Life Beckons: Werner hears the call

Swept along by events Werner could hardly keep with with all the brand new experiences. Running from footpads, meeting with an elf (rumors of tail still to be evaluated), and now rubbing elbows (or at least standing across a very well constructed table with intriguing wood inlays) with the upper crust. It was like a mix of some of the best tales he had cherished hearing. Tales that had sent him to seek his fortune....Werner's eyes began to glaze like some livestock again, robbing his speach.

He started and looked towards Harbull. Guiltily he realized how much his new, but good, friend must be suffering. The last few meals had been small and mean to stretch their funds.....why was it that the bigger the town the more they felt they could charge for items that weren't even as good? A good job would soon change things, and who knew? The old timers talked about 'lootin rights' and 'trinkets and such' picked up during adventures that could 'pad out the old bottom line'. It probably meant picking up some apples or eggs or something from farms along the way. That was hardly out of line, was it? You don't hear about adventurers being troubled about the small stuff now, do you? Kirsten would probably know, she seemed full of rich speech that townspeople seemed to toss around with little trouble.

Werner turned his eyes back from considering his friend and staring at the surroundings. It was a GOOD thing these fast talkers were picking up on the important bits. He arrive a bit slower to the party, but he knew were to go. Werner's distraction with abstract adventurers melted away as the details to the current adventure began to come forth.

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