Monday, 21 May 2012

Into the Asylum.

Wellentag, 25th Jahrdrung.

 Still seated the Councillor explains, "The price is 100 Crowns each, on delivery."

Malmir continued to press his case but Oldenhaller was not be moved.

"As I've already explained, secrecy is essential. You cannot involve anyone else in this mission, nor recruit any hired help. Some of you locals may have heard of the Asylum, Delberz in this part of town is perhaps larger bellow ground than it is above. You will be taken to the edge of the Asylum, and after that you are on your own. The entrance leads into the portion of the complex controlled by the Schatzenheimer Gang. They are mainly locals; they forge currency and trade in contraband and stolen goods. We think that Kurt Holger, the gang's leader, has the stone. From the Schatzenheimer area, the Asylum runs towards the river. The central area is run by Valantinas, who are mainly Tilean immigrants. They are the most powerful gang in Delberz, involved in every imaginable form of illicit activity. On the easternmost edge of the Asylum is the base of the Huydermans gang, with access to the river. The Huydermans are Wastelanders, and are mainly smugglers and cut-throats."

"You shouldn't have too much trouble moving about in the complex although you may need to know the gang's passwords. The Schatzenheimer password for today is "Sweet Hanna". I don't know either of the other gangs' passwords. That is all I can tell you."

Malmir eloquently described how the success of the nights endeavours could hinge on any information the Councillor could give. Accordingly Oldenhaller deemed it wise to answer some few questions answers that made Kirtsten feel decidedly uneasy.

"The gem is described as iridescent, I have always assumed it to be an Opal. Its properties if they were is best to not talk about. Even if true with the box you will be safe." 

With that Oldenhaller rang a bell and the footman from earlier arrived to escort the party of adventures to a study.  Stopping only to tell a tall ranger, Mohicaned dwarf, sly halfling and wonder of wonders another elf that there services would not be required.

The study much to Harbulls relief was comfortable and held a table lain with a large amount of hot food. It was obvious to all that they would be waiting here until the hour of work arrived.
Some hours later the footman arrived and escorted the party through the dark streets of Delberz. Eventually a doorway was reached that lead to a set of descending stairs. After ten feet of narrow passage dug from the bare earth another door stood. This had a sign, “Observe the laws of Asylum. Knock and wait.”

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  1. Good rolls for the El Mariachi, I mean Malmir. just failing to get more money but persuading Oldenhaller to spill more info than he ment to.

    Kirsten also got a tingle in her spidey sense.


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