Thursday, 31 May 2012

A Thorough Search: Johann's respect deepens...

As Johann peered down the corridor, he mulled over the whispered exchange between Werner and Harbull. He was a little surprised the big man didn't share his natural mistrust of the monied and powerful, although he couldn't for the life of him work out what Oldenhaller stood to gain from deceiving them.

He kept one ear cocked to hear the response to Werner's next suggestion, a response that brought another wry smile to his lips. The girl had guts and he had to admire her presence of mind. The old ranger certainly didn't mind putting his life in her hands in this dank underworld - he only hoped he could repay the favour in environs he was more familiar with.

As the slight figure padded past him, Johann nodded and whispered,

"Kirsten, we've got your back"

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  1. Johann will watch and listen carefully to Kirsten's progress. Should she be surprised or attacked he will dash down the corridor to assist her.

    If all is well he will let Malmir and Werner follow on should they wish.


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