Thursday, 31 May 2012

A Thorough Search: Kirsten plucks up her courage

Kirsten kept her own thoughts about the character of powerful men to herself. Werner would learn the hard way or he would not. She would simply have to do what she could to ensure he survived the learning process.

But at his suggestion that she lead, Kirsten felt her hands grow suddenly cold. Clenching them under her arm-pits to hide their trembling from the others, she nodded sombrely.

It's a good suggestion, she thought, and there is light ahead down that corridor.

"Stay here. I'll creep forward and listen, try to find where that light is coming from. If it's all clear, I'll throw a pebble back the way I came. Join me quietly if I do. If it's not clear..." she shrugged, "I'll come back here where we can discuss how to proceed."

With that, she turns and steps lightly into the darkness.

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  1. Using Silent Move Urban to head further into the complex, intending to travel far enough in to discover where the light is coming from. If it's a turn in the corridor she will stop to listen. If it's a door, she will press her ear up against it and listen. She'll tap the leather scabbard of her sword against the ground to check for obstructions, pressure plates and the like, if it's too dark to make out the floor from the ambient light.


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