Thursday, 31 May 2012

A thorough search: Werner prods the group

Leaning against the wall, with his attention down the next corridor, Werner only occasionally glances back to watch the search.

He picks out Harbulls soft voice quite easily, a result of their recent association in noisy tavern and inn environs. "How much should we be trusting what that Oldenhaller fellow told us? His tale seems increasingly... lacking..."  The halfling asks.

His mind plays with the question a bit. He whispers back across the room, "I'm sure Herr Oldenhaller must be trustworthy. How would you become a man of such importance otherwise? He probably just needs to rely on servants and such who didn't have all the information. Afterall, he wants us to succeed, no? Telling us lies and keeping information from us would only make things more difficult."

Watching the elf finish working his way through the clutter, and Kirsten complete her search of the walls, Werner nods with his head down the next corridor. "Perhaps Kirsten should take lead, so you can more easily use your bow without getting rushed Malmir. Johann and I can go next with Wanda and Harbull in the back"

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