Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A thorough search.

Wanda brought the light closer to Malmir and the two inspected the floor and the lockers. The two quickly realised that all of worth had been taken form both locations. Wanda also made notice that whilst the lockers had been forced open no other damage had occurred to the rooms few items of furniture. Malmir’s keen eyes also spotted another anomaly, if a fight had occurred here no blood had been spilt.

Meanwhile Kirsten paid close attention to the walls of the room and in particular the leaver. She scanned the dressed stone and no further traps could be found. The leaver remained a mystery, it disappeared into the stone work with no visible mechanism. Her earlier conclusion that it probably controlled the entrance way trap remained her best guess.

While the three companions investigated the scene Harbull kept a keen eye out into the dark across the threshold they had just crossed. He was happy that no threats presented themselves  but his mind wandered as he voiced his concerns about the situation they were all now in. Likewise the two big men guarded the second, door less, exit from the room. No threats presented themselves but a fait glow of light could be seen from ahead. Otherwise all was still and all was quite.


  1. I’m afraid I’m going to have to keep you in the dark about perception rolls. (Pun intended.)
    It wouldn’t do to let you know you had found out all you can or if anything was missing from your picture now would it.


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