Friday, 8 June 2012

Clues in the Blood: Hatchet man

Werner watched Malmir moving rapidly amongst the corpses... searching...searching. Did elves ever stop moving he wondered. As more fig leafs appeared he realized they might be like passes to the harvest fair. Show your ticket to enter.....

Malmir's frenetic activity seemed endless and now continued into a proposal for Werner and Kirsten to scout the next room with him. It seemed so challenging to make decisions this quickly, what was wrong with some measured contemplation? he thought to himself.

Checking his other companions he could see the answer had already been made. Johann and Wanda appeared to have the other doorway covered, the boatman seemed to hold his blade competently, and Wanda seemed a bit less rattled standing by him. He looked to to Harbull with a questioning look to make sure his small friend was okay.

'Yes Malmir, I think that sounds like a reasonable plan of action'. Allowing Kirsten to pass by the opening he guarded he proceeded to follow her, trailing slightly behind. Hopefully her quick wits might still be able to quell any violence before it erupted.

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  1. Werner will go 2nd or 3rd (depending where Malmir and Kirsten wish to be). His axe will be out and he'll be listening and watching for any trouble.


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