Thursday, 7 June 2012

Clues in the Blood: Lighting the Way

Kirsten surprised herself by giving Wanda something of a sympathetic look when she dropped the lantern, a vicious scolding dying unspoken on her lips. Her own reaction to their grisly discovery had been just as noisy -and far messier- than the older woman's.

Still a little shaken by the bloody slaughter they had uncovered, she didn't even think to feel resentment at being ordered around by a monster. He'd certainly seemed to cope with the ruined men and splattered blood far better than either she or Wanda. Perhaps it was because he himself was not human, but she had an inkling -wishful thinking or not- that he'd bloodied his sword a few times before. It was suddenly therefore, actually reassuring to have him nearby. Something she would never have believed possible just a few moments before.

Obediently, she stepped forward into the room, torch -and sword- held high.

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