Thursday, 7 June 2012

Clues in the Blood: No light at the end of another tunnel...

Johann was getting used to the routine. Dangerous! What happened if this time the gloomy corridor he kept watch on harboured those who meant them harm? He continued to peer into the darkness, eyes and ears alert for any sign of movement or sound.

The crash and burst of light from Wanda's dropped lantern did nothing to relieve the tension. The poor girl obviously felt out of her depth and the oppressive atmosphere down in this twilight world was beginning to tell on her.

"No matter, I don't think your fumble has alerted anyone" Johann softly whispered to her, " Here, stand by this doorway and be ready to give me light should we have any unwelcome guests approach. If their eyes are accustomed to the dark, another sudden blast of light may dazzle them and give us time to get our house in order. Have you any sorcery up your sleeve that can be prepared for such a meeting?"

He knew he always felt better when he knew his role and could make himself useful - he wagered it was no different for her.

As he turned back to his watch he listened carefully to Malmir's discoveries and plan. Smiling at the Elf's infectious enthusisam, Johann replied,

"Agreed. We have this exit covered, don't we Wanda. We'll just have to keep our heads down if there's a couple of crossbows on the loose. Just be ready to come on the run if we call, and we'll do likewise. Harbull, keep up the good work and keep watch on our escape route."

The darkness made his eyes swim, strange shapes formed and unformed as he tried to make out what lay ahead - Johann almost yearned for the clash of blades. If only so that they would know what they were up against...


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  1. Johann will keep watch through the doorway he is guarding - particularly attentive to any sound or movement. He will call out to Malmir and Werner if he is attacked by more opponents than he can handle. Likewise he will be ready to run to the search party's aid in the other room.

    If Wanda is ameniable Johann will ask her to take position on the other side of the opening with the lantern shuttered, ready to open it if they are attacked or approached in a threatening manner.


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