Thursday, 7 June 2012

Clues in the Blood: Malmir Searches the Corpses

"At least we now know why no-one bothered to answer the door!" Malmir grunted as he rolled the remaining body onto its back, its sightless eyes staring awfully up at the grimy, soot stained ceiling. His nimble fingers made quick work of the the dead man's pockets, seams and pouches though, of course, nothing of value had been left by the killer or killers.

Sighing, he reached out for the cheap, pewter disc that hung from around the neck of the cadaver. Slipping it from the corpse's neck, he examined the disc more closely. It was a made from a cheap pewter, crudely stamped with the imprint of what looked like a fig leaf and buffed with oil. Malmir had seen similar totems around the neck of dead goblins, clan symbols or signs of dedication to a powerful leader or deity usually, and he surmised that these simple pendants must of  represented loyalty to one of the gangs that Oldenhaller mentioned. Slipping the disc into his pocket, Malmir stood up and returned to Johann's side.

"Crossbows and blades," the elf said, almost eagerly, eyeing Werner's axe appreciatively , "at least we know what might be pointed at our skins, eh? The crossbow is a powerful weapon but slow to reload, we'd have to risk the quarrel and then get in close, quick. The blades I think we can handle. These bodies are well dead and have lain here undisturbed for some hours. Looks like someone else was here before us!"

Nocking his arrow once more, Malmir cooly considered the exits to the room. There appeared to be two; one appearing to be another corridor whilst the other looked like the opening into another room. Perhaps they'd be answers in there to what had happened, he thought.

"Werner, could I possibly borrow you and that axe, I want to search through that entrance, it looks like a small room and there may well be more clues to what happened here in there. Kirsten," the elf continued, turning to smile coyly at his companion, "any chance you could bring that torch, it would certainly prove useful to our search!"

With the smile still strong upon his lips, Malmir stepped forwards to explore the would be room.

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  1. As usual, Malmir will use his vision skills to identify possible traps or treasure. He is keen for answers and hopes to find them in the would be room. Working with Werner, he will attack any threats to the party.


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