Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Clues in the blood.

Harbull stood guard, looking back along the way they had just come. He looked over his shoulder first at his friend who stood guard at an exit immediately opposite him. Then over the room as Malmir examined the bodies and Kirsten the torch in it's bracket, Wanda stood silently. Finally he saw Johann to his far left, standing guard at the remaining exit from the hall.

Sighing he stared down at the poor dead fellow Kirsten had first discovered in the dark. Something about him looked familiar, yes, the slightly built ne'er-do-well who had accosted Kirsten at the docks and had set the thugs on them last evening. He was just wondering if he should tell Kirsten, to disturb her as she reached up to remove the torch when a great crash and flood of light disturbed his train of thought.

Meanwhile Malmir  had examined the bodies, six in all, two killed by crossbow bolts still embedded in their bodies the others all suffered from multiple stab wounds from thin short blades. There blood was congealing, almost dried.

With the sudden flood of light and returning of senses Wanda made the discovery upon one body of a curious  small piece of paper on which was drawn a fig leaf. Indeed in excitement of the discovery further examination proved that four of the bodies carried this strange paper symbol. Almost to match, the two bodies without paper, including the one nearest the door wore loose cords around their necks from which hung cheap metal stampings each depicting a single fig leaf.

The two men stood guard. Werner could see little from the exit he guarded even with the extra light from the open lantern, a corridor and perhaps a room. Likewise Johann's view disappeared into the gloom.

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  1. First off thanks everyone some really great posts and roll plaing. Some how it is so much easier to keep thing serious over the intweb.

    Secondly just to remind you I won't be telling you your rolls for perception tests.


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