Monday, 25 June 2012

Harbull's curiousity regarding the wounded stranger had gotten the better of him at last and he left his post at the door under the guise of ministering to the man's punctures and gouges. Most likely a waste of resources at this point... but maybe not if the fellow let out with a useful bit of information or told a good tale of 'honor amongst thieves'.
Up close the man on the floor didn't look like much of a threat... or an ally.
He wasn't saying much (and, disappointingly there was no cheese wheel...), in the end it might have been more fun to have just hung back and watched Wanda pick herself up off the floor and readjust her demeanor.

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  1. Harbull is more interested in seeing what's going on than he is healing the guy... but he'll use his materials, sparingly, in an honest attempt to keep him from bleeding too quickly.


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