Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Honour amongst thieves.

As Werner controlled the flames Malmir examined the crossbow in the flickering light, an inelegant weapon, not a weapon for elves his own short bow was quicker and to him more deadly.
Kirsten tried in equal measure to seduce and intimidate their captive. Save your act girl, unless I get healing soon neither threat nor promises can sway me.

Harbull attended the wounded man held tightly by Johann. The Halfling quickly examined the puncture wounds on the victim’s torso. Try as he might there was no way to stem the blood, perhaps if he had some spiderleaf but he had neglected to bring any. He looked to Johann and then across to the two girls. He solemnly shook his head, why waste more time than necessary on this living dead man, he was no friend.
Wounded as he was he saw. He relaxed a little, “so I’m to die am I?” He laughed. “They are welcome to it.”

“To what?”, enquired Wanda.
“Save your breath, kill me now or sod off.” Coughed the reply.
Wanda thought for a moment, “you may die but we could avenge you.  I think our mission may bring us in to conflict with those who did this to you, if you help us you strike back at them.”
The man thought for a moment and nodded.  Answering Wanda’s questions he detailed how the gang had come into possession of a gem, supposedly cursed.  Their boss had taken ill shortly after and indeed something terrible that he would not detail had befallen him, something which lead to his arm being hacked off and burnt. This was some days ago and the boss had gotten steadily worse,  the arm not healing. The Valantinas had attacked that night, under a flag of truce.  The paper fig leaves were the calling card of their ‘clean-up crew’. They had taken the gem and were welcome to it.  If the group exited here they would enter the sewers, a short trudge following some secret signs he detailed would lead them to the Valantinas part of the Asylum.

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  1. Kirsten failed both Fel and Ld tests.
    Harbull failed to Heal.
    Wanda passed Fel test.


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