Thursday, 28 June 2012

Honour among thieves: Into the sewers?

Malmir tapped his boot against the corpse's forehead before wiping imagined filth from its leathern toe.

"He's dead then." The elf commented, nonchalantly before turning away with disinterest. "Quite a tale, "he continued lightly, as if there was no dead man at his heels and his companions were nestled in some comfortable snug in a Delberz inn, "I wonder if its true at all. I suppose we have no options but to proceed, but this gem concerns me... A jewel that can, somehow, disease a man, curdle his blood and turn his flesh to rot is not something to pursue lightly. Yet, someone has clearly taken the damn thing and I wonder if they have left a trail to follow?"

The elf smiled suddenly; his lips parting to show his perfect, straight teeth. His clear, almond eyes glinted in the fading light with mischief as he turned to speak to Kirsten. "I feel it best if you take the lead and I concentrate on, how do you humans say it? You're rear? Yes, I'll follow you with my bow and cover you while you lead us through the darkness into the sewer. My eyes will certainly be best placed there."

Malmir spun on his heel and scooped up his bow. Attaching the cord to its horn tip he indicated that he was ready to move on. The party gathered themselves together, assuming positions in the line that were now becoming habitual before setting off into the gloom leaving the corpses to their eternal slumber and slow, inexorable decay. 

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