Friday, 29 June 2012

Honour among Thieves: Share the wealth

Werner smiled at the offer of the crossbow to Harbull, the man halfling, was a inspired thrower of stones. It probably helped that he was throwing them at birds though, his focus towards food and meals was second to none. It made him an excellent boon companion, very appreciative of the food and drink that interspersed their (so far short) travels together.

Taking the crossbow he approached Wanda. "I think this should be carried by you, it makes the most sense for how we are marching. I've had a soldier show me this weapon before, and it's not terribly difficult to use..." Werner launches into the simple operations of the crossbow. Luckily this one included a stirrup and the draw belt was present on the dead gangers waist. She should be able to load, albeit slowly.

"Just take your time lining up the shot, that way there won't be any mistakes' Werner smiles confidently, thinking of the mayhem a crossbow bolt to the back could do to any one of them. 'You may want to carry to cocked but unloaded' he suggests before leaning in a bit closer and whispering, 'it's pretty treacherous down here, pits can open under your feet.'

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  1. OC - werner is trying to reassure wanda about carrying the crossbow if she is worried/anxious/resistant. The unloaded but cocked is an obvious nod towards safety in difficult terrain and confined area (no safeties on crossbows I expect).


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