Friday, 15 June 2012

More Rooms, More Blood: Kirsten Tackles Wanda

It had been Malmir's sudden motion that warned her. Without thought, she careened into Wanda, wrapping her arms around the other woman in a bid to wrestle her to the floor before the crossbow fired. Years of dangerous living on the streets of Delberz had honed her reflexes and wit enough that she'd realised that, after Malmir, Wanda was in the most danger. After all, Kirsten herself was a petty thief and Harbul? Well, not only was he a relatively small target, but he was a halfling. She hoped that meant he was a quick as she thought, and that a recent diet of Oldenhaller pies hadn't made the friendly little man too sluggish.

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  1. Kirsten is trying to dodge and wrestle Wanda to the ground in the process. Based on the prejudicial assumption that the Apprentice Wizard's reflexes will have been slowed by her life of relative luxury.


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