Friday, 15 June 2012

More Rooms, More Blood: Malmir Moves Quickly

The crossbow wobbled jerkily in the wounded man's grip, the quarrel weaving dangerously between Malmir, Werner, Kirsten and the dark, coarse ceiling. In less than a heartbeat, the elf was moving, his speed appearing almost un-natural to his human companions. Releasing pressure on his bowstring, the elf sprang forwards, sliding the smooth stave through his fingers until it stuck out before him like a thin, inverted club.

Jabbing with the stave, Malmir struck out at the cross point of the wooden crossbow... If he was lucky, he thought, he'd easily disarm the mauled man.

Then questions would be answered!

If he was unlucky..?

It was best not to think about that!

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  1. OCC

    Malmir will attempt to unarm the wounded man using his bow stave. This can be as simple as knocking the weapon from his hand or deflecting the crossbow so that the quarrel strikes elsewhere (hopefully not in the flesh of anyone important).


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