Thursday, 14 June 2012

More rooms, more blood.

After two rooms of carnage the group had gotten into a rhythm. First the Elf entered the dark room closely followed by Kirsten. They were staring at the corpses that littered the floor, a further four in the large dormitory area when the other companions arrived. The situation was the same, all of value gone, some bodies with bolts in them others with stab wounds. Each body had the same paper fig leaf on them.

There was only one exit  to the left of where they entered so the group followed the same process as before, this time a store room and three bodies. The men stood guard at the one opening towards the unknown. The halfling watched their backs while the two women and the elf searched the room. It was then that Malmir spotted one of the corpses move, slowly, with difficulty it was trying to raise a crossbow.


  1. I went ahead and skipped a rather boring room. i'm begining to see that GMing a pbp couldneed a change of pace to keep momentum. It's Ok to have several similar rooms in a face to face game it only takes moments to clear them but another similar room could take four days to clear at our pace.

    If you'd like me to not skip rooms like this let me know, there is some good roleplaying going on and I don't want to take away oppotunities from anyone.

  2. Oh and again only perception tests goign on so i'm not giving you any idea of the results.

  3. No problem skipping or shortening things, after all, we all want to get into the action after all.

    Feel free to add things too, mind!

    No lesser daemons just yet though, eh?

  4. I'm in favour of skipping rooms as well.


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