Saturday, 16 June 2012

More rooms, More blood - Werner is dazzled

Werner guarded the far exit, his attention partially split towards the somewhat routine searching now underway. A element of newness had occured in this room, some extra barrels of supplies, a coil of frayed and dampened rope in the corner. Mostly it resembled the well tossed and haphazard conglomeration of looted supplies and corpses.

Suddenly Malmir's restless movement switched to direct action and he lept at a corpse striking out. Almost at the same time Kirsten attacked Wanda out of the corner of Werner's eye and the lantern goes sailing towards him as Wanda flails in the tackle.

His attention attracted Werner tracks the glowing comet track from her hand in a arc towards his small patch of ground. Suddenly flickering shadow overtakes Werner's vision, the sudden diminishment of light after staring at the light renders the room near indistinguishable. The sounds of bodies impacting and other sounds of crashing are difficult to decipher.

Werner blinks and squints in the darkness, trying to detect what is happening and more importantly, what he needs to do to help his friends.


  1. OOC - Assuming there is some residual light from the lamp (knocked over and not smashed?), or from the torch that was once carried, he will leap forward and help detain the suspect.

    Alternatively if Johan moves first he will continue to guard the exit.

  2. OOC - Looks like Johan moved first as Werner is blinking and squinting in the darkness


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