Saturday, 16 June 2012

More rooms, more blood: Scuffle in the gloom

Leaning against the edge of the opening, Johann again fought against the complacency that threatened to dull his wits. In the back of his mind he wondered at the irony that even an occupation such as adventuring should be suffer with the humdrum of routine.

It wasn't the barely perceptible quickening in Malmir's footsteps that alerted the old boatman, but Kirsten's warning cry certainly got him moving. Whirling round, Johann was forced to shield his eyes as the lantern crashed into the ceiling. Glass and incandescant droplets of oil rained down, and with barely a glance at Werner, Johann darted towards the Elf and his quarry.

The scene seemed to resolve itself in slow motion - Wanda and the lantern described graceful and oposite arcs as they fell. Malmir pounced, his bow extended like a spear. A crossbow wavered In the dark. In the few footsteps it took him to catch up with the Elf, a plan had crystallised in Johann's mind.

He had seen no assailant, save for the movement from one of the corpses. That "corpse" would have information on what had happened and who they were up against. Johann had to stop the impulsive Malmir from making their attacker a corpse again!

Dropping his sword, Johann leapt after the Elf, arms outstetched to overpower the wounded man...


  1. OOC - Johann will rush forwards to restrain their wounded attacker and prevent Malmir going too far (I'm sure he wouldn't, but Johann might assume this given the Elf's previous impulsive behaviour!)

    I would guess there wouldn't be time for much communication between Johann and Werner - hence Johann jumping in quickly.

  2. Should have said - this is after Malmir has (hopefully!) disarmed the crossbowman.


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