Monday, 18 June 2012

More Rooms, More Blood: Harbull In The Rear

Bringing up the rear Harbull was only just entering the room when the shouting began and the lights went flying.
He couldn't see the source of the concern but he did see Kirsten leap at Wanda and take her to the floor... he also saw Johann and the Elf jostling with something... perhaps they'd found some pilfered foodstuffs or a vat of wine? Maybe a wheel of cheese?!!!
He doubted the females were fighting over cheese though...
How long had it been since their fine bit of eating at Herr Oldenhaller's table?
No such luck it seemed... just some half-dead hoodlum making an attempt at a last stand.
For a moment he wondered if Wanda had been wounded somehow... but she seemed fine, bruised maybe, but no blood in sight.
He glanced at Werner, standing tall and calm amidst the confusion, before turning his eye back to the path behind them, happy in the thought that his friend was free from harm.

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