Wednesday, 20 June 2012

An offer of help.

The lantern swung upwards, hit the ceiling and spilt much of its contents floor ward. As is the nature of lantern oil it ignited on the way down past the lit flame and caused a great flare of light.

Deep shadows were cast as Malmir quickly tried to disarm the wounded man. Bow stave collided with crossbow in an unlikely melee and the bolt was loosed thankfully to embed in a broken crate. Moments later Johann cam crashing in to grapple the wounded man.

Wanda picked herself up from under Kirsten in some confusion. The light was dimmer now, a puddle of spilt fuel burn on the packed earth floor casting flickering shadows. Almost too stunned to speak all she could hear was a chocking laughter in the gloom.

The dying man spoke grimacing against the pain caused by his laughter, "so your not Valantinas then. Such incompetence, I'd be fully dead by now and with none of the slapstick. Still your up to no good and need all the help you can find. I know things, get me to a healer and I'll help you."

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  1. I didn't bother rolling for Kirsten’s grapple attack, all seemed happy with it going ahead.

    Malmir didn't roll well, attempting a difficult task with an improvised weapon. The target was prone but even so. I gave a very low chance to the bolt hitting anyone and thankfully it didn't.

    Johann had a much easier time grappling the prone man successfully.

    Werner and Harbull are as yet spectators to the clowning....

    The lamp oil is merrily burning but not dangerously so.


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