Friday, 22 June 2012

An Offer of Help: Aid in the Dark

Malmir scooped up the crossbow that had clattered into the corner. He looked back over his shoulder to see Johann holding back the arms of the wounded man; not that is was really necessary for the man looked like a corpse already. Returning to the weapon, Malmir gave the piece the once over. Any damage? A weapon such as this would be useful in the dark. All he'd need is a few more quarrels.

He was aware of his fellow companions moving slowly into the room, their outlines a dull orange in the flicking flames. They spread out, filling the room and marking the exits accordingly. As they did so, the prone figure let out a liquid cough, blood running down his chin in thick, sticky streaks. Feebly, he tried to wipe the blood away on the back of a battered sleeve but achieved nothing more than smearing the stuff across his bristled chin.

Harbull, as if sensing his moment had come, scampered forwards, his herbalists' back gripped firmly in his hands. Without a word to the others, he bent over the dying man and began his work.

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  1. Malmir will want to check the crossbow over to see if its worth taking. If so, he will search for quarrels for the weapon; either asking the wounded man or removing them from the bodies of the dead.

    If the weapon is damaged or otherwise unusable he will just dump in quietly in a dark corner.


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