Friday, 22 June 2012

An offer of help: Hot under the collar...

Johann caught his breath. Not from the headlong dash into danger, nor from the impact of his landing by their would be assailant. His ring-side seat had meant that Kirsten's performance had almost had its intended effect on him as well as the wounded man he held. By Haleth, that lass had some front - in more ways than one, he thought.

Shifting his weight slightly so that his grip on the wounded man changed imperceptibly from restraint to support, Johann swallowed to shift the lump that had gathered in his throat and threatened to make his voice hoarse. He leaned forward and spoke gruffly in his charge's ear,

"... and don't try anything else funny - our little friend tending to your wounds may not bite, but I can't vouch for the wildcat over there."

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  1. Although it seems the wounded man is willing to help in return for aid and appears to pose no threat, Johann will assist Harbull in his duties and keep a close eye on the proceedings.


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