Saturday, 23 June 2012

An offer of help: playing with fire

Werner moves quickly to ensure the small oil fire doesn't brew up into something more dangerous.Luckily the lantern had fallen close to his post so that he wouldn't need to move far from the opening. Moving small flammable detritus away from the patch of flame he reflects that it would be just their luck for some supporting beams to catch flame and cause this whole subsurface rabbit snake pit to come crashing down on their heads.

Snake pit indeed, gangs sweeping through and killing one another in frenzy of blood letting, what had they walked into? The fire was placed under control and begin to burn a bit lower and added even more ominous flickers to Kirstens disquieting behaviour. There were some strange folks he had fallen in with, mercurial and quick changing behaviours.....perhaps the elves moods were contagious. Contagion...plague....Werner felt the urge to burn his clothing and get out of this place rise again.

He suddenly realized that the fading light would create problems for them. Springing into the sort of solid useful action that often dispelled disturbing thoughts of the empires people he quickly wielded his hand axe to bust up wood into some torch sizes. Flotsam from the floor was rifled to finish the makeshift torches. They wouldn't last for long, but hopefully they wouldn't need to....

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