Sunday, 15 July 2012

Awkward!: Shrugs, nods and meaningful looks

 Starting at the unexpected hiss that issued from the Elf, Johann grinned wryly. He had been somewhat transfixed by another wantom display from their little urban wildcat, despite the dangerous situation they, and more immediately, she now faced.

This flickered into annoyance, both at himself for the distraction, and at Malmir - he knew Elves were renowned for their sensitive hearing, but surely they hadn't made that much noise when the guard's voice rang out.

Dismissing that thought, he looked to Malmir as the Elf readied his bow and nodded his assent. Not that Malmir had noticed, distracted as he also was by Kirsten's alluring bluff.

Johann turned and by way of nods and meaningful looks, hopefully conveyed the message to Werner and the others that action might be required any second now. Tilting his head at Malmir, body held ready and taut as his bowstring, Johann intimated silently to Werner that it might be best to follow the Elf's lead should Kirsten need assistance... 

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