Saturday, 14 July 2012

Malmir Enjoys The View

"Sshh!" Malmir hissed through his teeth, his hands making sharp, aggressive motions for the others to 'get down'. Kirsten had only been a second through the door when the elf had heard the gruff voices of the men beyond the wooden frame. Slowly, so not to create a sound, he nocked an arrow and twisted the bow horizontally. In this position he could easily transverse the entrance with the bow string still taught, ready to let loose an arrow at one of the vagabonds within, dare they move a muscle against his female companion. He wasn't sure, but he hadn't heard the sound of blades being slide from scabbards or crossbows (clearly a favoured weapon down here) being cocked.

These men, most likely unskilled brutes, were presumably guards. Hopefully, they'd be lazy with drink or food. From his position, he could see little but Kirsten's slattern-like buttocks wiggling pleasantly. She's done that before, Malmir thought, and in a less vulnerable moment such thoughts would be promising ones indeed. The elf allowed himself a nervous smile as he waited in the darkness. After all, there were worse things to see before a violent demise.

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