Friday, 13 July 2012

"Password?" she asked, sounding sultry, yet looking genuinely confused. "Tony didn't tell me there was a password."

She turned to the front of her body against the doorframe, adopting a seductive post and keeping the crossbow down at her right side, hidden by the wall. She loosened her shirt suggestively with the other hand.

"He just told me I was a present. For the boss."

She frowned.

"He was supposed to meet me up there" She nodded to the surface, "but he didn't turn up. Lucky I knew about the back way..." she allowed her tongue to slip from between her teeth, in a coy smile "from last time." 

"He won't be happy if one of you trigger-happy gentlemen put a crossbow bolt in my soft, curves now will he?" She pouted. "Maybe you should go ask the boss about it?"

It was, she hoped, a better plot than simply raising her crossbow and banging off a shot. If she could persuade one of the men to leave, the odds would improve considerably. She was sure she would still have the advantage of surprise over them, even if they had their crossbows ready. After all, who'd expect a whore to have a crossbow? Thank Ranald she hadn't re-arranged her clothing all that well after her failed ploy a few moments ago. Even in these mens clothes, she might still pass as a slut. After all, a slut wasn't going to use this particular entrance while dressed in her best was she?

She was glad Tony was dead. She'd stubbed her toe kicking his lifeless corpse not an hour ago after all. But a strumpet hired hours before would have no way of knowing that, would she?


  1. Sorry for the delay. I'm afraid I lost track of time completely.

  2. Kirsten is trying to use the door for as much cover as possible while presenting a smaller, side-on target, without being obvious about (she's lounging against the door frame with her right leg and right hand out of view on the other side of the doorway. If it looks like the ruse isn't working to the extent that the guards are about to take hostile action, she'll duck back through the door and open fire.

  3. I'm guessing this is a better place to ask questions that creating a whole new post for it?
    Can the rest of us observe, from our hiding places, that she is speaking to someone? Can we overhear what she is saying?

  4. Yeah lets say you can overhear.

  5. You all know this isn't going to work right? We're talking first fate point of the game here! Gah, I should've just raised the crossbow and fired!

  6. Actually, here's another issue. If this plan actually manages to work, how far do we take it. Should Kirsten try to play along long enough to get herself alone with the boss (and presumably the things Oldenhaller wants)? Only problem I can see (and it's a pretty big problem) is what would the rest of you do in the meantime. We could probably bring Malmir along as a fellow entertainer to "provide background music". Not sure how we could sneak the rest of you in though?

    So, from the point of view of what is the most fun (not what's the most sensible course of action) what would you guys prefer? Shoot, or scam?


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