Saturday, 21 July 2012

Refusal! Arrows to the front, arrows to the rear

Werner, standing the furthest back is slightly off the mark as everyone else lunges towards the doorway with deep metallic 'twang' of a crossbow releasing. Racing after Johann, he sees both Kirstin and Malmir reloading by the doorframe and the two men barely manage to negotiate the heavy traffic at the doorway.

Werner lobs his stump of a torch towards the face of one of the men in the room with his off hand as he winds back and swings with his axe, trying for a telling blow.

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  1. Werner will attempt to move to a point in the room that will prevent anyone from running away further into the complex (or being able to slow down reinforcements into this room).

    The torch toss is mostly some narrative flavor, although might be worth a bonus to attack (or subsumed into charging)? I'm more interested in whacking a guy with the axe than wasting an attack tossing a torch.


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