Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The coiled spring.

Kirsten raised her crossbow and fired, a snap shot into a crowded room but hit where she had aimed, the apparent leader gripped his arm and dove for cover under the table. The shot was like the release of a trigger on a coiled spring. Hours of pent up anxiety and anticipation were quickly given vent.  Before the other two rouges could react an arrow came shooting from the dark. Missing its intended mark the arrow still struck home winging one of the other standing men. A victim of the confined situation of the room.

Before the thugs could react further large men charged into the room intent on doing violence. Werner drove his torch at one miscreant before the swing of his hatchet whistled over the head of his ducking victim. Having more luck Johann’s thrust connected with the belly of the man already wounded by Malmirs arrow.


  1. Quick run down without giving away wound rolls. There are no major wounds caused yet.

    Kisrten was very lucky, her shot had a minus for being a snap shot but still connected.

    Malmir missed but due to the group nature of the target still had a chance to ht someone else which he did.

    Werner missed with his axe, only has one attack so I took the torch thrust to be a threatening miss.

    Johan hit well thanks to the charge bonus.

    Thugs were surprised so have yet to react and next round is down to Initiative. Artistic license on the bosses dive for cover, I won't apply any cover modifiers until he could actually complete this action.

    Harbull I didn’t mention that you should have specialist skill sling on your character sheet if this chages your actions I’ll write it in.

    What is Wanda doing?

  2. No changes thanks... Harbull will stand by the door to stab at any runners. The room is too crowded now to be slinging shot into.

  3. Hi all, Erny

    Apologies for the lack of updates - real life has been really, well, real. Normal service will resume next week.

    As a quick note, Wanda will stay behind Harbull, as far out of harms way as she can contrive to be. She'll draw her dagger just in case, but will wait to see how things develop before entering the room.


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