Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Bedlam in the Asylum: A bit too close...

Lunging forward, Johann's desperate slashes failed to connect with his opponent. His arms seemed not to want to obey what his eyes were telling him and the Tilean jumped back out of reach of his flailing sword.

 He felt the knife blade before he saw it. The cut-throat had sprung forward as quickly as he had stepped back and only then had it flashed before Johann's face. He felt the skin of his cheek split and a numbing warmness began to spread across his face. Something flapped uselessly that shouldn't have.

A sudden rage filled him and despite an ill-advised shake of the head, the fine red mist that had erupted from his wound wouldn't clear from his vision. Barely aware of Malmir leaping to his aid, Johann redoubled his attack, bringing his sword down again and again in furious hack after hack... 

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